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February 28, 2024 3:49 am

Nebbi security officials initiate a community policing campaign


Nebbi security officials have initiated a community policing campaign to tackle the escalating incidents of domestic violence, which have led to the death of at least three women in recent months.

In the most recent incident, the body of a woman identified as Irachan was discovered buried in a maize plantation in Jupazuba village, Erussi sub-county, Nebbi district.

Michael Pimundu, the primary suspect is currently at large and is believed to have strangled his ex-wife Irachan amid prolonged family disputes.

Aminsi Kayondo, the Nebbi District Police Commander (DPC), says the community policing campaign aims to raise public awareness, especially among couples, about finding peaceful solutions to their conflicts instead of resorting to violence.

Another incident involved Gloria Acayo, a teacher at Jacquine Nursery and Primary School in Erussi sub-county.

Her body was found dumped in a swamp near her home in Pulaka village on July 24, 2023.

The official Annual Crime Report of 2022 reveals that a total of 301 cases of murder due to domestic violence were reported to the police in the country.

Among these cases, 114 victims were male adults, and 134 were female adults.

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